Kids’ Classes

In our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kids program, students will learn effective ways to defend themselves if forced into a physical confrontation.  They will learn ways of dealing with bullying and gain confidence as a result. More than that, they will learn life skills that enable them to tackle life’s obstacles.

Our head kids coach, ANDY WELLMAN, along with several assistant coaches, will guide our kids into becoming outstanding martial artists and good all around people.

We accept beginners into the kids program on a continuous basis. New members are joining all the time.

There are NEVER any membership contracts! The recommended minimum starting age is 7 years-old.  When the student is the age of approximately 14 years-old they can transfer over to the adult class.

We encourage interested parents and their children to come in and observe classes anytime and speak with our instructors about a FREE trial membership!


#1 – Avoid the fight at all costs.

#2 – If physically attacked; defend yourself.

#3 – If verbally attacked; follow the 3 T steps. (Talk, tell, tackle).

#4 – Never punch or kick the bully. Establish control and negotiate.

#5 – When applying submissions use minimal force and negotiate.