Adults' Jiu Jitsu

The Adult Jiu classes are geared for ages 15+ and focuses on the highly detailed aspects of Neutral Ground’s core grappling curriculum. Classes are structured with a quick warm-up, partner drilling of mechanics, and sparring (called Rolling). Students in the Adult Program train in both Gi (uniform) and No Gi (without the uniform). It is necessary for students to become comfortable with aspects of both. At Neutral Ground Sheboygan we focus on stand-up, self-defense, and sportive techniques. Students learn to remain protected and calm, then employ positional dominance to control and ultimately submit an opponent.

Teens' Jiu Jitsu

The Teens Jiu Jitsu classes are geared for approximate ages 10 to 14. Class and are both Gi (with the uniform) and No Gi (without the uniform) and focus on the self-defense and sportive aspects of Jiu Jitsu. The TEENS class steps up the intensity of the KIDS class and prepares them for the ADULTS class.

Kids' Jiu Jitsu

Children can start KIDS class around the age of 6. All KIDS classes are with the Gi (uniform). KIDS begin learning essential Jiu Jitsu based movements and defensive techniques then progress to positional control and submissions. Kids will learn Jiu Jitsu with fun exercises and games. When ready for their next belt rank, the student will be required to perform a very informal “test” for the instructor. All kids will have a checklist of requirements for their next belt level.

Self Defense Jiu Jitsu

Our Self Defense Jiu Jitsu show you how to avoid, manage, and defuse conflicts. This class takes an A to Z approach towards self defense; we take students through important areas of confrontation including: space management, verbal de-escalation, positioning, and physical confrontation.

We prepare students showing them that conflicts don't have to become physical, but we prepare them in case things turn physical. We use Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling as the foundation, adding strikes, weapons, and tactics to ensure students are prepared.


Wrestling class is for Adult and Teen students who want to take their stand-up game to the next level. Our wrestling coach covers specific Wrestling skills and techniques that directly apply in the context of Jiu Jitsu. MMA classes then combine striking, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu in a very controlled class environment. MMA is for adult members only with at least 6 months of Jiu Jitsu experience.

Always assume that your opponent is going to be bigger, stronger and faster than you;
so that you learn to rely on technique, timing and leverage rather than brute strength.

Helio Gracie

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